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Joel S. Bloom
Monday July 9, 2012
Reaffirmation of Accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education
In its session of June 28, 2012, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education acted to reaffirm accreditation for NJIT until the time of its next Periodic Review Report in 2017. This is a milestone event in the history of the university, and I am pleased to report this positive outcome, the result of a comprehensive three-year effort by the Board of Trustees, university administration, alumni, faculty, staff, and students.

In accordance with the NJIT Board of Trustees Resolution of April 7, 2011, authorizing NJIT senior administration to work with representatives of the NJIT community to create a model of shared governance, the Commission has requested a progress report on our effort by December 1, 2013. That report will provide evidence that we are continuing activities to strengthen shared governance that were underway at the time of the April 1-4 evaluation team visit.

I am also writing to release the Report to the Faculty, Administration, Trustees, and Students by the evaluation team.  The team read the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Self-Study Report, considered numerous detailed reports on each standard, and reviewed substantial additional documentation provided by the NJIT steering committee. The finding of the evaluation team report, led by Dr. Robert Palazzo, resonates with the June 28 Commission actions:

“The New Jersey Institute of Technology meets or exceeds all fourteen standards outlined in the Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education.”

“The New Jersey Institute of Technology,” the report continues, “is making a disproportionate impact in higher education given its means. In particular, NJIT is providing an admirable service to first-in-family students attending college. The students are excellent, well trained, and graduates are highly successful after leaving the university. NJIT’s success in providing a first-class education and college experience to a diverse student body is enviable.”

The June 29 Commission action and the report of the evaluation team may be found on the NJIT Middle States Accreditation home page at

I want to extend my congratulations and thank you to the NJIT entire community for the diligence, tenacity, and integrity it has taken to bring this important process to success.  In particular, I want to thank Professor Norbert Elliot, Chair of the NJIT Self-Study. The accrediting process has indeed strengthened and sustained the quality and integrity of our university, and we have again demonstrated our fulfillment of public confidence. In meeting and exceeding each of the fourteen Characteristics of Excellence of the Commission, we have fulfilled the responsibilities inherent in the accreditation process as a true measure of our commitment to quality in higher education.

With the commencement of a new era for NJIT, we will remain committed to achieving excellence in all of our endeavors.