Bond Act Message

A Message from Joel S. Bloom, President of NJIT

I urge you to consider the Building Our Future Bond Act, presented to voters as a referendum question on the Election Day ballot, Tuesday, November 6.

The Building Our Future Bond Act authorizes $750 million in state bonds to fund capital improvement projects at New Jersey's colleges and universities. At NJIT, bond funding will mean new science labs, studios and research facilities.  With state aid sharply diminished, higher education needs this type of investment to achieve its mission and contribute to New Jersey's educational and economic competitiveness.

New labs and studios will provide more NJIT students with opportunities to pursue their studies in the best possible technological environment:  Our graduates will be positioned at the forefront of today's most rapidly growing science and technology industries.  Innovative fields of alternative energy and biotechnology thrive where access to fresh knowledge is greatest. The Building Our Future Bond Act will ensure that our young innovators remain competitive with their counterparts in countries like China and India.  Estimates indicate the Building Our Future Bond Act will boost the state's GDP and create nearly 10,000 jobs.

Currently, lack of funding threatens New Jersey's position as a national leader in higher education.  While New York and Connecticut invested hundreds of millions of dollars in facility overhauls in the last five years, our state is one of only five in the nation that did not invest in capital education improvements.  Without a competitive educational infrastructure, New Jersey schools are less likely to draw desirable students, expand scholarship funding, win lucrative research contracts and attract top faculty members.  Academic rankings and, ultimately, the value of our degrees, will bear the impact.

A quarter century has elapsed since our state made a large-scale commitment of resources to higher education. Today's economic climate and competitive job market mean the accessibility of an in-state public education is a top priority.  Building Our Future will help us to keep college affordable for our students.

The Building Our Future Bond Act has received bi-partisan support from political leaders and notable community leaders.

VOTE November 6. And please do not overlook -literally- the Building Our Future Bond Act at the bottom of the ballot.  Thank you.


Joel S. Bloom, President