The University Community
Joel S. Bloom
Friday, November 9, 2012
NJIT Efforts during Hurricane Sandy
I am writing to the NJIT campus community to recognize and acknowledge the outstanding service that was provided by university employees to our students who remained on campus from October 29th through November 2nd, during the week in which the university was closed as a result of the emergency created by Hurricane Sandy. As a result of their dedicated efforts, members of NJIT’s staff were able to ensure, under very difficult conditions, the safety, security, and comfort of a great many students who had no other option but to remain on campus. In particular, l would like to acknowledge the following NJIT departments and units:
  • Public Safety: Ensured that the NJIT campus was secured and safe, especially during which time the City of Newark had lost its power.
  • HVAC: Worked to ensure that all generators in campus buildings had diesel fuel in order to minimize power interruptions.
  • Gourmet Dining Services (GDS): Provided emergency food and beverages to students during a temporary power outage. Once power was regained, GDS quickly provided regular food services.
  • Campus Center: Provided power charging strips, enabling students to charge mobile electronic devices, including cell phones and laptops.
  • Building Services: Continued the normal cleaning regimen of the residence halls, which included removing garbage and cleaning public areas. The Gym, Weston Hall, and the Campus Center were also cleaned, as these were buildings that were in great use by students who remained on campus. In addition, the NJIT grounds crew worked with Scenic Landscapers to clean the campus of debris and fallen tree limbs to ensure that the campus would be ready for reopening.

IT & Telecom: Proactively prepared network services to move the university web server to a hosting service in Michigan; ensured that the NJIT domain was available in the event NJIT lost network connectivity and/or power; when power failed, an orderly shutdown of network electronics was conducted to minimize damage; when power was restored, wireless network and data center networks were restored; building network connectivity was restored and damaged equipment replaced; ensured that critical telephone services were available during the power outage.

It would be impossible to list the entirety of efforts that NJIT employees and staff provided during the Hurricane Sandy emergency and its aftermath, but they were extensive in scope and intensive in the care and concern with which they were provided. They deserve our recognition and appreciation.

One final note: I think many of you already know that New Jersey’s voters approved the Building Our Futures Bond Act which authorizes $750 million in state bonds to fund capital improvement projects at New Jersey’s colleges and universities. At NJIT, it is anticipated that this bond funding will mean  needed new classrooms,  labs, studios, and research facilities. The success of this initiative would not have been possible without the support and efforts of a great many members of the NJIT community: students, faculty, staff, friends, and alumni.  I thank you as we continue to build the NJIT future.


Joel S. Bloom President