NJIT Faculty and Staff
Joel S. Bloom
Wednesday, April 3, 2013
NJ Ethics Program
When acting on behalf of our University, it is crucial that all Faculty and Staff conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. We must ensure that NJIT meets the standards of the New Jersey Conflict of Interest statutory mandates, the ethics regulations, executive orders, and NJIT policies. In doing so, we are able to maintain our image and reputation of being committed to the pursuit of excellence and to continue our mission of education, research, economic development, and service in shaping New Jersey’s future in a principled and ethical manner. 

As you are all aware, Jean Feeney is the NJIT Ethics Officer. On our behalf, it is Ms. Feeney’s responsibility to ensure that the NJIT community complies with all ethics requirements. To that extent, I have asked her to continue to ensure that NJIT employees are aware of those requirements, and to assist them in achieving it. You may be asked to complete ethics related documents, complete necessary filings, and attend mandatory trainings. By cooperating, you help communicate to all of our stakeholders, including students, faculty, employees, vendors, grantors, and the public at large, that NJIT provides an ethical environment conducive to our mission.

Since NJIT takes our ethics initiative seriously, each employee has the right to bring forth questions or concerns that are related to ethics. You may do so by contacting Jean directly at (973) 642-4285 or; or you may do so anonymously by calling the Ethics Helpline at (973) 596-5572 or


Thank you all for your anticipated commitment to “Ethics at NJIT.”