All NJIT Faculty, Staff, and Students
Robert A. Altenkirch, President
September 18, 2002
Governor's Commission on Health Science, Education and Training
To follow-up my earlier message concerning the Sunday Star Ledger article with respect to recommendations reported there to be those of the Governor's Commission on Health Science, Education and Training, and the follow-on articles Tuesday in the Star Ledger and posted electronically by the Chronicle on Higher Education, I want you to know that that the report of the Commission has not been finalized, nor has any decision been made on implementation of any yet-to-be written recommendations. I have a meeting with the Governor scheduled for Friday night to discuss the matter.

While our position continues to be, as it should, that absent a report of the Commission we are unable to comment, we continue to monitor the situation closely through conversations with those involved and potentially affected and through our government relations firm in Trenton. We'll keep you posted as the work of the Commission continues and evolves.