All NJIT Faculty, Staff, and Students
Robert A. Altenkirch, President
September 19, 2002
Further Update on Health Commission Study
 I have received a number of e-mails expressing support and concern from throughout the NJIT community, especially from our students. It is clear to me that there are special reasons that students chose to attend NJIT and that we provide unique research, educational, and career-oriented resources to those who study here. Be assured that I will represent those interests in the discussions that are now beginning to take place.


As you know, there have been and will continue to be stories in the media reporting on public hearings and deliberations of the Governor's Commission on Health Science, Education, and Training. Many of these stories reflect speculation on recommendations to be issued in a forthcoming report on the findings of the Commission. It serves no purpose to comment on the yet unannounced recommendations of the Commission, as those comments would be based on speculation and assumption rather than on facts.


I am a strong advocate of NJIT and a steward of our mission and all that it stands for. I am in contact with NJIT board members, the governor and his staff, the legislature, and our peers in the New Jersey higher education community; the lines of communication are active and open.


Thanks for your expressions of support and concern. I will be certain to keep you informed as this matter progresses.