President Altenkirch's Invitation to Student Leaders for Committee Participation

January 28, 2003


You may know that the Review, Planning and Implementation Steering Committee of the Governor’s Commission on Health Science, Education, and Training has been appointed and met for the first time on January 20. Recall that the Gov’s Commission has recommended a reconfiguration of the state’s three research universities, NJIT, UMDNJ, and Rutgers, to form a research university system with three campuses in Newark, comprised of NJIT, Rutgers-Newark, and the Newark components of UMDNJ and in New Brunswick and Camden, each comprised of the Rutgers and UMDNJ components in those locations. The Steering Committee is setting up a number of committees, including:

University Committee, one for each of the three campuses, whose main charge is to prepare the academic and operational restructuring plan, make recommendations to the Steering Committee, and manage a number of Issue Working Groups set up to address particular issues that arise, e.g., restructuring cost estimates.

Executive Advisory Committee, whose charge is to secure input from various stakeholder groups, including community leaders, organized labor leaders, etc.

A number of Issue Groups, as mentioned above, the details of which will be determined as the Steering Committee and the University Committees begin their work.

We anticipate that students will be appointed to a number of the committees, in particular the University Committee and the Executive Advisory Committee, and potentially Issue Groups, depending on the particular issues identified.

Please contact Donna Minnich, Director, Hazell Center at or (973) 596-3603 if you are interested in serving on one of these committees or if you might have a recommendation for student committee members. We would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible but no later than the end of the day this Thursday , January 30 .