All NJIT Faculty, Staff, and Students
Robert A. Altenkirch, President
April 7, 2003
Research University Reconfiguration Discussion Update

The work of the Review, Planning and Implementation Steering Committee that is to develop a plan of implementation of the Report of the Governor’s Commission on Health Science, Education, and Training is continuing. The Committee recently finalized a Project Work Plan.


The Project Work Plan, forwarded to the Governor, contains “a proposed work plan that summarizes the key activities of the committees and working groups as they relate to the objectives described in Executive Order 42.” Executive Order 42 may also be found at the above web site.


Please review the Project Work Plan at the above web site, and if you have any questions or comments, please let me know. The web site above is also available from the “News” section under “Public Information” on NJIT’s main web site. Included there is a chronology of all my communications on this topic as well as important documents produced to date.