NJIT Faculty, Staff, and Students
Robert A. Altenkirch, President
October 27, 2003
Update on Proposed Restructuring of New Jersey 's Public Research Universities
As you probably know, over the past several months, the Review, Planning and Implementation Steering Committee of the Governor's Commission on Health Science, Education, and Training has been meeting to discuss the proposed restructuring of New Jersey's public research universities, namely the formation of a "University of New Jersey-North" comprised of NJIT, the Newark-based components of UMDNJ, and Rutgers-Newark, a "University of New Jersey-Central" comprised of Rutgers-New Brunswick/Piscataway and the New Brunswick components of UMDNJ, and a "University of New Jersey-South" comprised of Rutgers-Camden and the Camden/Stratford components of UMDNJ.  The three universities would form a " University of New Jersey System " of public research universities.

The Steering Committee established three University Committees and four Issues Working Groups to develop proposed plans for the restructured universities and university system.  Drafts of these committee and group reports, recently submitted to the Steering Committee, are available for review as PDF files from the link below. The Funding and Finance Issues Working Group draft report has two attachments that are provided as separate documents, the other draft reports are contained in single documents.

Members of the Steering Committee (Jim Kennedy, Chair of the NJIT Board of Trustees, and I sit on the Steering Committee) have been asked to provide comment on the reports by November 21.  Please review the reports, and if you have any comments on them, or any aspect of the proposed restructuring, please send them to by Wednesday, November 12 so that they may be considered for inclusion in any comments that NJIT provides to the Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee will deliver a final report on what plans would need to be implemented in order to establish the university system described above, and recommended by the Governor's Commission on Health Science, Education, and Training, to the Governor in December for consideration.  The ultimate outcome of the proposed restructuring and proposed implementation plan would depend on the decision of the Governor and the Legislature.

We will keep you informed as further developments surrounding this proposed restructuring develop.



Reports of the Steering Committee