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Defense Logistics Agency - Energy

Manages all petroleum resources used by the Military; also buys and sells deregulated electricity and natural gas.
Phone:  800-523-2601 or 703-767-9400

Defense Logistics Agency -  Aviation  Richmond
Manages consumable repair parts and depot-level reparable procurement
operations for aviation weapon systems and environmental products.
Phone:  800-227-3603 or 804-279-6330

Defense Logistics Agency -  Troop Support  Philadelphia
Manages food, clothing and textiles, medical supplies, construction equipment and material, and support for humanitarian and disaster relief efforts at home and abroad.
Phone:  800-831-1110 or 215-737-2321


Defense Logistics Agency - Land and Maritime  Columbus
Manages consumable repair parts and depot-level reparable procurement operations for land-based and maritime weapon systems.
Phone:  800-262-3272 or 614-692-4864


DLA Contracting Services Office
Manages DLA enterprise-wide requirements including major IT systems and programs, IT products and services, business and facilities services, and other enterprise support.
Phone:  215-737-8514

DLA Distribution
Through its network of distribution depots responsible for receipt, storage, issue, packing, preservation, and transportation for DLA worldwide
Phone:  717-770-7246

Industrial Prime Vendor Program:
For consumable industrial spare parts for the US Air Force. Vendors must be ISO 9000 certified.
Contact: William “Ed” Robinson, (478) 971-6649


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