Office of Strategic Communications

Undergraduate Recruitment Materials 2006

In 2006, NJIT launched a new portfolio of printed materials for undergraduate recruitment. The campaign, designed by the North Charles Street Design Organization,  incorporates the new university brand and uses "The Edge in Knowledge" as its central theme.

Serge Bloch illustration

The visual centerpiece of the undergraduate recruitment program is a series of original illustrations by French illustrator Serge Bloch who is internationally-known for the wit, inventiveness and accessibility of his drawings. In his simple yet sophisticated illustrations, he combines photographs of everyday objects with whimsical line drawings: glazed doughnuts double as car wheels, spiders serve as moustaches, and televisions make lovely eyeglasses for a fresh and trendy take on contemporary life.

Bloch, who studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, told Johns Hopkins Magazine that he enjoys making readers smile. "I try to do humorous work," he says. "It's a work of modest art."

Bloch's work has been published in numerous commercial publications including Time magazine, AARP Magazine, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, and The Chicago Tribune.  His work also makes frequent appearances in  academic periodicals including:

Members of the university community who wish to use the drawings should contact Jean Llewellyn, executive director, University Communications.

Printed materials in the 2008 undergraduate portfolio include:

Other materials developed for the program that may be useful for the university community include:

Serge Bloch illustration