Study Abroad

Study Abroad

In today's world, there is a growing demand for well-rounded and globally oriented engineers, computer scientists, architects, managers and other technological professionals. NJIT offers students the opportunity to develop these qualities through its Exchange/Study Abroad Program. Students who participate in this program acquire a better understanding of an increasingly international environment with technological work through foreign study. In conjunction with their professional studies, students also develop cross-cultural communication skills and increase their fluency in a second language by studying and living in another country. These advanced technological and communication skills enable a graduating student to compete and excel in a multinational or multicultural business environment.

(Pictured: Owen Fitzgerald, NJIT student, Engineers Without Borders, in Milot, Haiti, Raul Nunez, NJIT Computer Engineering student, studying at Chinese University of Hong Kong, Alexa McCartney, NJIT Architecture student in Madrid, Spain )

Program Description

The Exchange/Study Abroad Program is available to undergraduate students with a sophomore, junior or senior standing and graduate students. Undergraduate students must have a grade-point average of at least 3.0. Graduate students must have at least a 3.5. The study abroad period can be for a summer term, one semester or a full academic year. At some institutions, courses are taught in English. Therefore, proficiency in a foreign language is recommended, but not necessary for all placements.

During the exchange period, students must maintain their registration (MR INTL) and status at NJIT and pay NJIT tuition and fees. Because students are registered at NJIT, most financial aid, loans and scholarships are applicable. If arrangements are made through a 3rd party provider, student payment is made directly to the 3rd party provider, registration is maintained (MR REG), and all aspects of financial aid may not be available for disbursement.

Housing and living expenses vary depending on the availability of accommodations in the host country. The costs are not expected to exceed those at NJIT. Airfare is additional.