NJIT Account Overview

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It may take up to 24 hours for your account to be created.

  • UCID - Your UCID will be your username when you access NJIT's computing systems. Your email address will be in the form: yourUCID@njit.edu.
  • NJITDM - Primary Microsoft Windows environment for faculty and staff. When you sign up for an NJITDM account you will also be given an ADM mail account. ADM is the primary faculty/staff email server. Your email address will be in the form: yourUCID@adm.njit.edu. This system will require its own password along with your UCID. If you plan to use PCs in any of the public computing sites, you need to obtain an NJITDM account to authenticate you as a NJIT faculty/staff member. (It is recommended that you sign up for this account.)
  • Highlander AFS - Primary academic computing for students, faculty, and researchers is provided via Highlander AFS. Services include programming, computation, Internet access, graphics, visualization, and many other applications. File management systems such as MYSQL and PHP are also available. Each AFS user is given a disk allocation of 125 MB. Personal webpages can be stored under the Highlander AFS system. (It is recommended that you sign up for this account.)
  • Alpha - VAX/VMS computing environment that houses the primary administrative information systems. If you have a grant or have been awarded SBR funds, you will need an Alpha account. (Sign up for this account only if needed.)