Teaching, Learning, & Technology

Mission of the Teaching, Learning and Technology Committee

Teaching, Learning and Technology Committee

Charge and Purpose

The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Committee at NJIT is a campus-wide committee with representatives from administration, faculty, professional, and technology support staff. The TLT echoes the mission of the TLT Group and the distance learning focus of Continuing Professional Education, which is to seek "to motivate and enable" campus constituents and individuals "to improve teaching and learning with technology, while helping them to cope with continual change." The goals of the TLT Committee are to:

  •     Gather, research, and assess information about existing and emerging technologies, and explore their relevance to academic and professional endeavors;
  •     Support and guide, "regardless of the user's technological background, differences in background, disabilities, and other factors," the integration of information and instructional technology into face-to-face and online educational programs, practices and professional development through grants and other activities;
  •     Develop and recommend, monitor and assess the implementation and effectiveness of policies and plans of action;
  •     Assess progress, diagnose difficulties, and control costs in educational uses of technology;
  •     Identify and continue to support the institution's fundamental values and educational goals while embracing new technology options;
  •   Develop guidelines to address:
    • The selection, priority and milestones of conversion of on-campus programs to distance delivery;
    • Assistance to and training of faculty regarding instructional design and production;
    • Best practices in continuous improvement of courses involving technology, faculty recruitment and assignment; in course scheduling, sequencing, and size; and in intellectual property protection;
    • Provision to prospective students of complete information regarding the educational experience;
    • Provision to current students of equivalent access to academic and administrative support services.

The primary goal of the committee is to focus regular discussion and present recommendations on how to improve teaching and learning, face to face, hybrid or on-line. The committee addresses best practices for both good pedagogy and the use of information technology as it applies to higher education in both traditional classroom and virtual learning environments. The committee drafts white papers; recommends germane policy guidelines; and recommends priorities for support initiatives, resource requirements, and milestones for achieving TLT goals.

While the committee is focused on the use of technology to improve teaching, the committee is also committed to actively impacting the quality of the general teaching and learning physical environment at NJIT. The essential requirement of better teaching using technology is the availability of a quality  teaching space.


Committee membership is composed of a faculty representative from each academic department, a professional from Continuing Professional Education and other administrative offices, and students and administrators appointed by the Provost.  Where possible the faculty representatives appointed to the TLT Committee should also have been recognized for Excellence in Teaching at NJIT or previously been given the designation of “Master Teacher”. Undergraduate, graduate, and Honors College student representatives are nominated respectively by the Dean of Students, Dean of Graduate studies, and Dean of ADHC. 

  •    University Librarian (ex-officio)
  •     Associate VP for Continuing and Distance Education (ex-officio)
  •     Director, University Learning Center (ex- officio)
  •     Registrar
  •     Undergraduate Student
  •     Graduate Student
  •     Honors College Student

Committee Support Staff

The TLT Committee has as its members, staff from Instructional Technology & Media Services, Academic Computing Services, Office of the Registrar and the Library. In addition to actively participating in the committee activities these members provide support for the committee and follow up on its recommendations.

Meeting Frequency

The TLT Committee meets monthly on the second Tuesday from 11:30AM - 1:00PM during the fall and spring semesters.

Committee Reports

The TLT Committee receives input from the entire university community, deliberates, and makes recommendations to the Provost, the Vice President for Academic and Student Services, and the Associate Vice President of Continuing and Distance Education regarding the implementation of a coherent strategy for improvement of the all teaching and learning environments and culture at the university, and the use of information technology in support and growth of such, on policy and direction with respect to addressing the needs of faculty who develop and teach distance-delivered courses, of students who enroll in such courses, and of the university as a whole insofar as it desires to gain increased global recognition and revenue production through excellence in this area The committee may establish standing or ad-hoc sub-committees as needed for the conduct of its business.

Interact with Other Committees

The TLT Committee periodically meets with representatives of the Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee and the Graduate and shares many common members.

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