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*** IMPORTANT Information About Your Bill ***

If you see pending financial aid on your bill, subtract the amount of the aid from the entire balance. (Aid on your bill will appear as “memo” or “authorized.”) Should a change occur to your financial aid amount because of the verification process, you will receive another bill in September with the updated amount. Read more . . .

Mailing Address:

        Student Financial Aid Services (SFAS) 
        NJIT - Student Mall
        University Heights
        Newark, NJ 07102

Fax:     973-596-6471

Campus Location: Student Mall (lower level of the parking deck)


Please do not send attachments through e-mail; they are undeliverable and may delay processing.

SFAS is not liable for the security of sensitive information or for the timely receipt of deadline-oriented information sent through e-mail. To ensure safe and confidential receipt of documents containing sensitive information, please send them through U.S. mail or hand deliver them. To ensure the timely receipt of deadline-oriented documents, please fax them with a request of receipt acknowledgment. If you do not receive an acknowledgment, it is your responsibility to follow-up with SFAS to verify that the document has been received. Thank you.


Office Hours

Monday - Friday

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Who Is Your Financial Aid Counselor?



Your Last Name

(begins with)

Counselor Phone Number
A-E Ms. Aurora Castellano 973-596-3475
F-K Ms. Maggie Moya 973-596-3671
L-O Ms. Asia Taj 973-596-3474
Q-U Mrs. Samantha Kennedy-Wells 973-596-3473
P, V-Z Ms. Tracy Harrison 973-642-4872



Other Numbers

Federal Student Assistance Information 1-800-433-3243 (and to request duplicate Student Aid Report)

New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (NJHESAA)
1-800-792-8670  (New Jersey state grants, scholarships, and NJCLASS loans)

Federal Direct Loan Information
To view information on your federal student loans and loan servicers, please see Loan Servicer.