Message from President Bloom

NJIT Community Members,

Today, the United States Attorney General announced that the current U.S. Administration will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in six months and that Congress has until then to establish a legislatively enacted program that will cover DACA-eligible immigrants. Unless the Judicial or Legislative branches of the U.S. Government intercede or produce legislation that covers those registered for the DACA program, undocumented students will lose the protections and privileges afforded by DACA. This is a matter of great concern nationally as well as throughout our campus community, and it casts those in the DACA program into a state of stress and uncertainty.

We, at NJIT, recognize the value that our over 50 DACA students bring to our university as well as the incredible importance of diversity within an educational community. Difference is a catalyst for learning and human development, which occur through collaboration, questioning, analysis, and debate. Ultimately, these actions result in a deeper understanding of people, enhanced capability to solve problems of all types, and opportunities to improve quality of life for all. NJIT’s DACA students are emblematic of the strength that is gained through diversity. They were born in more than 18 different nations, are majoring in disciplines across the academic spectrum, are represented in every class from freshman to senior as well as our graduate programs, and they maintain a cumulative grade point average above a 3.0. Subtracting such a pool of talent and ambition from any learning community would be a deep and painful loss. As such, we will take every possible step to support our DACA students and to urge our elected representatives to take swift legislative action to protect this population.

As I previously announced last December with regard to immigration issues, NJIT’s services as well as the services of Rutgers-Newark Child Advocacy and Immigration Rights Law Center are available to help our students. Those NJIT students who are covered by the New Jersey DREAM Act, which has enabled many undocumented but longtime residents of our state to attend NJIT at in-state tuition rates, will remain eligible for this benefit. NJIT also will maintain admissions policies that do not consider immigration status, and we will not provide student records to any entity unless required by a warrant, subpoena, or court order. Additionally, I will impress directly upon New Jersey’s House and Senate representatives the importance of expeditiously passing legislation that protects DACA students.

To NJIT’s DACA students, I cannot state in strong enough terms how greatly we value your presence within and contributions to our university community. We appreciate and share your concerns, will work diligently on your behalf, and offer you our unconditional support during this stressful time.


President Joel S. Bloom