Office of The Registrar

Spring 2013 Academic Calendar

Jan. 21 Tuesday Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Jan. 22  Wednesday First day of Spring classes
Jan. 22  Wednesday Schedule Change Fee Begins ($25)
Jan. 28 Tuesday Last day to add/drop a class
Jan. 28 Tuesday Last day for 100% refund
Jan. 29 Wednesday W grades posted
Jan. 31 Friday Deadline to apply for Spring Graduation
Feb. 4  Tuesday Last day for a 90% refund based on partial withdrawal
Feb.18 Tuesday Cancellation of Registration for non-payment
Feb.18 Tuesday Last day for a 50% refund based on a complete withdrawal
Mar 4 Tuesday Deadline for Reinstatement
Mar. 11 Tuesday Last day for a 25% refund based on complete withdrawal
Mar. 17-24  Monday-Monday Spring Recess-No Classes Scheduled University Open
Mar. 26  Wednesday Withdrawal Deadline
Mar. 29   Saturday Good Friday-No Classes University Closed
Mar. 30  Sunday Saturday classes meet
Apr. 15 Tuesday SENIOR Summer/Fall Registration Begins
Apr. 16  Wednesday JUNIOR Summer/Fall Registration Begins
Apr. 17 Thursday SOPHOMORE Summer/Fall Registration Begins
Apr. 18 Friday  FRESHMAN Summer/Fall Registration Begins
May 7 Wednesday Classes Follow a Friday schedule
May 8   Thursday Reading day
May 9-15  Friday-Thursday Final exams
May 16 Friday Grades are due in the Registrar's Office
May 20 Tuesday Commencement