Graduate Financial Support Contacts

NJIT awards funding to a select number of qualified full-time graduate students in the form of teaching, research, and graduate assistantships. These awards may cover full or partial tuition, a stipend or both. Financial support can either come from NJIT internal funds or from external sources. Eligibility and selection criteria are summarized below:

Research Assistant (RA) Funding Available

Other Funding Opportunities


Type of Support Contact Who is Eligible
Federal Loans Financial Aid
(973) 596-3479
U.S. citizens, permanent residents; full-time or part-time students, based on financial need. For the most comprehensive location for this info, including FAQs & loan deferment information, please click here.
Federal Work study Financial Aid
(973) 596-3479
U.S. citizens, permanent residents, full-time students, based on position availability
Industry Co-op Career Development Services
(973) 596-3100
Full-time students, based on position availability; master's only
Hourly Jobs Financial Aid (973) 596-3479 U.S. citizens, permanent residents, international students, full-time students, based on position availability. Students must be making satisfactory academy progress according to the requirements of the financial aid office
Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants Graduate Studies Fellowships
(973) 596-3462
Based on funding source, full-time students, often supporting under-represented groups
Assistantships and Awards Graduate Studies Assistantships
(973) 596-3462
Full-time, based on academic merit or priorities and on funds available
Curricular Practical Training International Students
(973) 596-2451
International students, based on INS regulations and industry availability


Note: University policy stipulates only registered students are eligible for student employment. For summer employment, registration is verified for either the summer or fall session to ensure eligibility.